Sunday, May 20, 2012


I had the opportunity to work on a new project, Argentine. It was an interesting experience. I learned that particular directors are not easy to work with, and that sometimes they will disregard your 6 months of devotion, and determine you don't care about the work. It's a lie. But emotions ruin everything. Luckily there was a 3rd party that was able to intervene. She not only saved what could have been a ruined show (and I was 1/2 tempted to let it go that way), and made sure my 6 months of work didn't go to waist. 

In the end things worked out. The show went well and I got to be the villain in a show for the first time.

I've played the character, the character ingenue, and the powerful ingenue. It was fun to finally get a role that people didn't think I could pull off, and then pull off so well someone thought I'd eat her after the show was over. 

This is Beatrice's monologue. It's annoying that I had to read some of it. The white paper in front of my face is distracting, but there's nothing I could do about that. I wasn't required to memorize it.

This is when you first meet Beatrice. She tricks Argentine into joining her guild.

This is the battle between Argentine and Beatrice. Which Beatrice, though goes crazy, loses.

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